Dairy Barn Fashion

Chuck Zimmerman

Cow InterviewIt’s been a long trip and sometimes you start to get a little goofy. I tried to interview old Betsy here but she wasn’t interested.

As you might expect, we had to suit up to go into the diary barn.

I wasn’t the only one thinking I looked pretty fashionable in my blue suit.

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Robotic Dairy Expert

Chuck Zimmerman

Gunnar PetterssonBefore we got to go into the dairy barn on today’s IFAJ Congress tour we learned about automatic or robotic milking from the expert.

He’s Gunnar Pettersson, Swedish University of Agricultural Science. He used a power point presentation but I recorded him anyway and am providing an edited version of that talk.

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Robotic Milking At Smestad Farm

Chuck Zimmerman

SkallerudsToday I got to visit a dairy operation which is pretty big business in Norway. We toured the Smestad farm. Pictured here are our hosts, Ole Kristian and Randi Skallerud.

The interesting part of the dairy is that he’s using an automatic milking system. So before we event went into the barn we learned more about robotic milking.

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A Jarlsberg Reception

Chuck Zimmerman

Jarlsberg DisplayAt our opening night reception and dinner we heard from the CEO/President of Tine, the Norway dairy cooperative that makes Jarlsberg cheese. This year is the 50th year since they began making this great cheese. You can see the nice display of food we had with a Jarlsberg cheese wheel centerpiece.

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Milk That Soccer Star

Chuck Zimmerman

Freddy Adu - Got MilkThere seems to be no end to all the “Got Milk” stars. Here’s a new MilkPep “Got Milk” campaign poster with Freddy Adu, soccer star. The Egg Board has a soccer star too and now the milk people do too. So have a glass of milk with that omelette!

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Dairy Month Festivals

Chuck Zimmerman

June is Dairy MonthYou must not get out much judging by the lack of “Here’s my favorite festival . . . “ responses. So I’ll just have to take up the slack.