Businessman Perspective on CUTC

Chuck Zimmerman

Some of you may be old enough to remember hearing Sano Shimoda, President, BioScience Securities, (standing in center of picture) speak to a NAMA Issues Forum in Washington, DC a number of years ago. I’d link you to it but we didn’t have websites to post on back then. I remember him talking about the exciting future of biotechnology and …

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AgriTalk Again

Chuck Zimmerman

I really hate to do this to you but here’s AgriTalk again. I know, they need their own category, blog, etc. Mike, Mike and John were live from the CUTC today and I’ll see them again this weekend in Nashville for the New Holland/Michael Peterson Celebrity Tractor Race. I’ve got some more items to post but this has been a …

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Chuck Zimmerman

I don’t know if this is actually called a Corntini but it’s a martini with corn in it. All I know is that you “drink the best and burn the rest.” Someone’s going to have to help me out with the ingredients because the server I spoke with didn’t know. These were being served at the opening reception to the …

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Rural Development Secretary Keynote at CUTC

Chuck Zimmerman

I really enjoyed getting to talk with our USDA Under Secretary for Rural Development, Tom Dorr, this evening. He was our keynote speaker at the CUTC. He told corn growers and all the attendees that they’re doing a great job. He also said that there are challenges ahead like the recent Grocers Association attack on ethanol. He says that’s making …

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An NCGA Welcome to CUTC

Chuck Zimmerman

The CUTC is officially underway now that our keynote session and reception is over. It’s a very quiet media room as yours truly is the only one here. At least the internet access is sort of working. It won’t let me upload to Flickr but I guess that’ll have to wait until later. Post Update: Here’s some photos: CUTC Photo …

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