What’s New In Herbicide Products at Bayer

Jamie Johansen

Bayer CropScience is making the fight against weeds a little easier with their soybean herbicide products. The recent Farm Progress Show was a great outlet to share the new and exciting products available for growers nationwide. Chuck spoke with Eric Peters, Soybean Herbicide Product Manager for Bayer CropScience, during the event and Eric went into more depth about Balance Bean, …

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Bayer’s Digital Farming

Jamie Johansen

Bayer CropScience consistently focuses on the innovation of technology. During the 2013 Farm Progress Show their air-conditioned exhibit displayed their innovations no matter where you turned. Their On Demand Seed Treatment is one of those technologies where software, preloaded recipes and wireless communications accommodates all types of operations. Kerry Grossweiler, SeedGrowth Equipment and Coatings Manager for Bayer CropScience, shared with …

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Enhancing Food Security at Bayer

Jamie Johansen

Producing a safe and bountiful food supply is the forefront of what Bayer CropScience is all about. At the recent 2013 Farm Progress Show, they shared how they are doing what they can to help enhance food security globally. After Bayer’s ag media luncheon, Chuck caught up with David Hollinrake, Vice President of Agricultural Commercial Operations Marketing at Bayer CropScience. …

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The Next Generation of Farmers

Jamie Johansen

Bayer CropScience talked the next generation of farmers during their ag media luncheon at the recent Farm Progress Show. Bayer is looking at the future face of agriculture from the industry, employee and farmer prospective. Vice President of Commercial Operations for Bayer CropScience, Inci Dannenberg, addressed the crowd and later spoke with Chuck about the importance of the next talent …

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A Global Epidemic

Jamie Johansen

Weed resistance just might have been the hottest topic of discussion at the Bayer CropScience tent during the 2013 Farm Progress Show. They hosted a panel on Weed Resistance in the Americas, to highlight the global epidemic. The commonality each of these panelist seemed to bring to the table was diversity and how it needs to be implemented across each …

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Talking Chemicals with Bayer

Jamie Johansen

Bayer’s Media Luncheon during last week’s Farm Progress Show was a great opportunity to talk with experts in both fungicide and herbicide products. Randy Myers, Fungicides Product Manager for Bayer, was on hand to talk fungicides at the recent farm show. He covers fungicides across the board, but we specifically chatted about Stratego YLD and Prosaro in regards to corn, …

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Bayer Markets New Wheat Herbicide

Kristyn Stidham

Bayer CropScience released the new Huskie Complete this year. Cereal Herbicides Product Manager for Bayer, Thorsten Schwindt, was very excited to talk about the product here in Decatur, IL at the Farm Progress Show. A few years back, Bayer released a product called Huskie. The product was successful, but Bayer decided to do some research to extend the product beyond …

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Insights Into Bayer’s Respect the Rotation Program

Kristyn Stidham

Wednesday at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Bayer CropScience held a panel of researchers to discuss the current hot topic of weed resistance. Arlene Cotie, Product Development Manager with Bayer, took a moment to speak with media regarding her thoughts on weed resistance and how Bayer is pursuing an education process for growers. In 2010 Bayer released their Respect …

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Bayer’s SeedGrowth Focus

Jamie Johansen

Seeds are the foundation of any growers operation. Bayer Crop Science’s SeedGrowth team has fined tuned the four key competencies of product, equipment, coating and services to maintain sustainable seed development globally. Attendees who visited the Bayer tent during the 2013 Farm Progress not only took in all the science behind growing crops, but also did it while relaxing in …

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