Today’s Farmer CEOs at Ag Issues Forum

Cindy Zimmerman

The panel of farmer CEOs at the Bayer CropScience Ag Issues forum were pretty funny guys, in addition to being sharp businessmen. The “How Today’s Farmer CEOs are Reshaping Modern Ag” panelists were (left to right) Chad Leman, co-owner of Leman Farms hog operation in Illinois; Jeremy Jack, partner at Silent Shade Planting Company in Mississippi; and Bruce “Onion Man” …

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Bayer CropScience CEO on What the World Needs

Cindy Zimmerman

Once upon a time, all the world needed was love, sweet love – but life is a little more complicated these days. The theme of the ninth annual Bayer CropScience Ag Issues forum was “What the World Needs” and topics included water security, communications, innovation, pollinators and sustainable farmers. At the end of the two-day event, Bayer CropScience president and …

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Bayer Brings in Bloggers for Panel

Cindy Zimmerman

During the Ag Issues Forum ahead of Commodity Classic last week, Bayer Crop Science brought in a panel of bloggers for a session called “Welcome to MY World: Consumers and Growers Seek Common Ground,” a conversation between three bloggers. The panel answered questions such as “What do your followers want to hear, how are they getting their information, and how …

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Bayer Panel Buzzes About Bees

Kristin Liska

One of the most important topics discussed at the Ag Issues Forum was the buzz about bee health and what is being done to address declining bee colonies. One of the panelists was Laurie Adams, executive director of the Pollinator Partnership. Laurie stressed that collaboration between all parties is needed to protect all pollinators, including bees. Listen to my interview …

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2014 Bayer Sustainability Award

Kristin Liska

During the ninth annual Ag Issues Forum last week, Bryan Boll of Minnesota was the recipient of the 2014 Bayer Young Farmer Sustainability Award. Bryan believes the key to sustainability is to look at your operation individually and see areas in which you can improve. I interviewed Bryan about the award and what sustainability means to him. Bryan is the …

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Bayer Session on Year of Food and Farmers

Leah Guffey

One session at the Bayer Crop Science Ag Issues Forum last week called 2014 the “Year of Food and Farmers” talked about an upcoming National Geographic series and a documentary movie – both featuring agriculture. Dennis Dimick, Executive editor, Environment for National Geographic, shared their exciting plans for the eight-month series focused on food and agriculture, beginning in May. Dimick …

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Bayer Develops Seed Treatment for SDS

Cindy Zimmerman

During the Bayer CropScience Ag Issues Forum and Commodity Classic last week, Bayer was pleased to announced they have applied for EPA registration of ILeVO, the first seed treatment developed to address Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS). “We’re anticipating federal registration fourth quarter of 2014 for planting in 2015,” said Seed Treatments Product Manager Dave Byrum. Jennifer Riggs, Bayer SeedGrowth …

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Bayer Panel Addresses Water Security

Cindy Zimmerman

What the world needs most is water – but beer is pretty important too! So water security was one of the issues addressed during a panel at the Bayer CropScience Ag Issues forum last week in San Antonio, and beer was a big part of the discussion. The panelists included (left to right) Dr. Marco Ugarte with MillerCoors, Gary Beck …

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Agribusiness Needs More Young People

Chuck Zimmerman

Bringing new talent into an industry like agriculture and specifically a company like Bayer CropScience was a key theme that Inci Dannenberg wanted to discuss with ag media attending the 2014 Ag Issues Forum. I got to chat with her on my ZimmGlass. She is doing an interview with another ag journalist attending the Ag Issues Forum here in San …

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