Cattle Industry Summer Conference Focus of MBIC Report

Chuck Zimmerman

MBIC ReportIt’s time for the cattle industry leadership to gather in Denver for the annual Cattle Industry Summer Conference. Missouri is well represented and in this week’s MBIC Report, at-large board member for the Missouri Beef Industry Council, Jon Kleiboeker talks about the conference and how cattle producers are involved, including his joint nutrition & health committee work.

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Ethanol & Weather On CornTalk

Chuck Zimmerman

Corntalk PodcastLast week a lot of attention was given to an AP story about an old study saying ethanol costs more to produce than it’s worth. Pretty strange timing when you consider the energy legislation work going on in Washington, DC. In this week’s CornTalk program, Missouri Corn Growers Association CEO, Gary Marshall, discusses the flaws in the study that was quoted and talks about the weather concerns for the state’s corn crop.

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July 23 Is National Cowboy Day

Chuck Zimmerman

National Cowboy DayI’m sure my old buddy, Derry Brownfield, would like this. A national cowboy day. I never even heard about it until Cindy brought it to my attention. You can find a reference to it on the American Farm Bureau home page, including a series of psa’s recorded by Randy Huston. How many of you have heard these on the radio? If not, it’s probably because stations just don’t play psa’s like they used to!

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