International Seed Federation President on Issues

Cindy Zimmerman

Tim Johnson of Illinois Foundation Seeds is currently serving aS president of the International Seed Federation (ISF). “The International Seed Federation has 80 countries that are involved,” Tim said. “What we do is promote movement of seed, protection of intellectual property (IP) rights, and support of companies moving seed globally.” IP was a big focus during a Chinese-American seed symposium …

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MOU Importance for China and US Seed Companies

Cindy Zimmerman

American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) Chairman Blake Curtis calls the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the US and China seed organizations Monday “monumental.” “Everything has to start somewhere and this is a great start,” said Blake, with Curtis and Curtis Seed Company of New Mexico. “China is a very aggressive force in our world today and we’re …

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US and China Seed Groups Sign MOU

Cindy Zimmerman

Leaders from the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) and the China National Seed Association (CNSA) signed an historic Memo of Understanding today to promote cooperation relating to innovation in the seed industry, said ASTA president Andrew W. LaVigne. “This agreement achieves two extremely important goals,” said LaVigne. “First, it is an important first step in providing new business opportunities for …

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Seed Shindig in Chicago

Cindy Zimmerman

It’s all about the seed next week in Chicago at the CSS 2012 & Seed Expo. That’s short for the 67th annual Corn & Sorghum Conference, 42nd annual Soybean Seed Research Conference and 36th Seed Expo which will be held December 4-7 at the Hyatt Regency. American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) Chairman Blake Curtis of New Mexico says this is …

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Chuck Zimmerman

Matt Hynes, Manager, Agronomy Marketing, for GROWMARK is on the board of the American Seed Trade Association as a Regional Vice President. I spoke with him to learn more about ASTA and why GROWMARK is supportive of the organization. To start with Matt says that the seed business is part of what GROWMARK does. “To be part of an organization …

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New President of International Seed Federation

Chuck Zimmerman

The new President of the International Seed Federation is Tim Johnson, Illinois Foundation Seeds. I spoke with Tim about his induction to the position at the ISF World Seed Congress 2012 in Rio de Janeiro. He says it’s an honor to be selected by the general assembly of ISF for the two year commitment. He calls it the “global ASTA” …

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New Chairman of American Seed Trade Association

Chuck Zimmerman

It’s the passing of the gavel. This time at the American Seed Trade Association convention. Here is new ASTA Chairman, Blake Curtis, Curtis & Curtis, Inc. (left) with past Chairman Mike Gumina, Pioneer Hi-Bred. I spoke with Blake at the end of the convention to find out things went in his opinion and what the future priorities are for the …

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ASTA Represents Vegetable and Flower Seed

Chuck Zimmerman

During the American Seed Trade Association convention the organization’s divisions conduct business and report on activities. One of those is the Vegetable and Flower Seed Division, chaired by Kent Croon, Monsanto. I visited with Kent after his report was given. Kent works in technology development within Monsanto Vegetable Seeds. Kent says that many people think corn and soybeans when they …

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ASTA Assists With Seed Phytosanitary Issues

Chuck Zimmerman

During the American Seed Trade Association annual convention committees meet to set policies for the organization for the coming year. One of those is the phytosanitary committee. I visited with Darrell Maddox, Endless Sky Partners, about the work of this committee that he used to chair. Darrell says the committee works with USDA-APHIS to facilitate trade. They work with seed …

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Educating for Ag Choice

Chuck Zimmerman

During the 2012 American Seed Trade Association annual convention I met Chuck Larson, Executive Director, Americans for Choice and Competition in Agriculture. Although I had heard of this newly formed organization I didn’t know much about it until we had a chance to sit down and chat. It appears that the main focus of the group is to influence an …

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