Instant Feedback

Cindy Zimmerman

How many times have you been at a meeting and had to fill out some survey at the end giving your evaluation of how the meeting went and each individual presentation? That would be everyone. And then the people who did the meeting have to get all those pieces of paper back and add up all the responses and take …

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Commodity Panel at AEM Ag Exec Forum

Cindy Zimmerman

Three commodity organization representatives attempted to answer the question on everyone’s mind right now regarding commodity trends – where are we headed? Steve Censky of the American Soybean Association, Fred Stemme with the National Corn Growers Association and Alan Tracy of US Wheat Associates all made presentations and took questions from the audience at the Association of Equipment Manufacturers AgExecutive …

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Ag Equipment Execs on AG CONNECT

Cindy Zimmerman

A panel of six representatives from major farm equipment manufacturers took seats on a panel at the Association of Equipment Manufacturers AgExecutive Forum in St. Louis Thursday to discuss “The Next Generation of Ag Show” – AG CONNECT expo, scheduled for January 12-15, 2010 in Orlando. The executives, from left to right, were Doug DeVries, Deere and Company; Doug Griffin, …

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What Would You Say to McCain?

Cindy Zimmerman

Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain is causing quite a bit of concern among members of the agriculture and ethanol industries with his comments about farm programs and ethanol incentives. Last week in Missouri, McCain said, “My administration will reduce the price of food by eliminating the subsidies for ethanol and agricultural goods. These subsidies inflate the price of food, …

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Advocate for Agriculture

Cindy Zimmerman

Dr. Jay Lehr has the title of Science Director for an organization called The Heartland Institute, which is a national nonprofit research and education organization with the goal to “discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems.” He is also an entertaining and passionate speaker who believes in spreading the good news about agriculture to places that …

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Preview of AG CONNECT

Cindy Zimmerman

A preview of the new generation of ag show – AG CONNECT 2010 – was offered to ag executives meeting Thursday in St. Louis. Sara Truesdale Mooney has the job of show manager for this ambitious new ag show being organized by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers and she says they have taken a very deliberate approach in developing AG …

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Ag Secretary Addresses AEM Ag Executives

Cindy Zimmerman

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer discussed some of the big issues facing agriculture today and in the future during an address to agribusiness company executives meeting in St. Louis Thursday for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers AgExecutive Forum. Two primary issues he addressed were trade and renewable energy, as well as the importance of the financial rescue plan passed by …

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Next Generation of Ag Show Panel

Cindy Zimmerman

Joining in progress – I joined the panel a few minutes late, but here are the people you are hearing and seeing – left to right. Doug DeVries, Deere and Company; Doug Griffin, AGCO; John Koetz, Case IH; Rusty Fowler, Krone NA; Gary MacDonald, MacDon Industries; Dick Brown, Krause Corp. The topic of this discussion is the AGCONNECT 2010 trade …

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Set Up for AEM Forum Webcast

Cindy Zimmerman

Okay – here we are set up at the AEM AgExecutive Forum in St. Louis for a live webcast on Ustream – AgWired Live TV. This is the first time I have used this tool – free live webcasting. I have a great internet connection here in the Renaissance Grand hotel and a really great set up in front of …

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Deere Exec to Host AgExecutive Forum

Cindy Zimmerman

The host for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers AgExecutive Forum in St. Louis this week is Doug DeVries, Senior Vice President of Ag Equipment Marketing for Deere & Company – shown here doing a little pre-event prep work on Wednesday night. Doug heads up AEM’s Ag Executive Council which represents the farm machinery segment of the equipment manufacturers organization. He …

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