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Don’t Forget Rural & Small Market Outlets in Your Media Mix

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Hello from the ZimmComm Team. We hope everyone had a very blessed and happy Easter weekend.

AgNewsWireHere at ZimmComm World Headquarters we’re working on several projects and focusing more on our AgNewsWire service to continue assisting agricultural marketers with media outreach. In the last couple years we’ve seen a significant growth in companies direct to consumer tactics which basically bypasses broadcast and publications. The technology has changed and it is becoming more and more common for companies to have full time social media managers/creators and agencies to develop social media teams and departments. In some cases, agencies have invested in full-fledged media production departments or created them with a separate brand identity. This seems to me to be a natural and logical evolution.

However, at the same time companies and agencies are employing more direct to consumer content channels, there is still a need to continue relationships with the media and provide content to them as well, and not just the big national outlets. Smaller, regional outlets are finding themselves being left out of the media mix, even when it comes to media releases and press conferences.

AgNewsWire targets all ag media – print, broadcast and online – as well as influencers in agribusiness, agri-marketing, and agricultural organizations. Our list of 1,700 also includes opted-in non-ag media, from small weekly publications and radio stations to major national outlets. We have found that when we post audio from a livestream or zoom-type event, it will generate hundreds of downloads, even if the archived video of the event is available.

Consider AgNewsWire an affordable tool in your marketing and public relations toolkit to distribute your content to multiple sources. Our emails and e-newsletter receive very high open and click rates – averaging 30 percent open and five percent clicks. If you haven’t tried our services and would like to do so, you can just contact me or if you have a news release to distribute, just click here to upload/pay. Easy Peasy!

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