Successful Opening Deer Days with a Deere

Chuck Zimmerman

We had the best weather for opening days of the deer season at the Crystal Pig Hunt Club that we’ve had yet and took advantage of it to harvest a few deer. I’m looking forward to getting back on site in a couple weeks.

We saw a lot of deer and mostly does. I had a spike buck walk up underneath me while sitting in my stand. He literally sniffed the foot of the ladder. I let him go since we have lots of better choices and maybe he’ll be back next year.

A couple of us were on site before opening day and glad we did that. Basically, all our feeders were not working for different reasons. We had to change motors, batteries, re-program and refill. Of course, it’s a good workout. But the property is in the best shape for hunting since we leased it. Taking bags of corn and other supplies around the property with a John Deere Gator made that task much easier than it would have been otherwise.

One of the most significant improvements to our camp is the installation of electricity. We’re run a lot of hours on generators over the years and now everything is quiet and we have lots of outlets to handle everything we need electricity for.

Big thanks go out to John Deere for the use of a new Gator which we’re test driving, making notes and will be writing about soon.

I’m collecting photos of this Gator during our trips to hunting camp here: 2020 Hunt with a Gator Photo Album

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