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Economic Impact of Agriculture on the St. Louis Region

Chuck Zimmerman

Hello and welcome to the ZimmCast. This podcast was started back in 2004 with a theme of what’s new in the world of agribusiness focusing on agricultural marketing in particular. I really appreciate all the subscribers and listeners who have made this the longest running podcast about agriculture. The feedback and support has been great and I’ve had the opportunity to talk with many, many leaders in the industry.

So, what’s this week’s episode about? It’s about agriculture’s economic impact on a very urban region, specifically St. Louis. The St. Louis Agribusiness Club just announced the results of their Agricultural Economic Impact Study on the St. Louis Region. This study has been conducted every five years since the first one was conducted in 2004. And guess what. ZimmComm produced that first study and you can still see those results on the organization’s website.

To talk about the study I’m going to share conversations with Matt Amick, Missouri Soybean Association and President of the St. Louis Agribusiness Club. Then you’ll hear Alan Spell, University of Missouri Extension, who actually researched and prepared this year’s study.

I hope you enjoy it and thank you for listening.

Listen to the ZimmCast here: ZimmCast 658 - Agricultural Economic Impact on St. Louis Region (37:52)

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