Heliae Brings Regenerative Ag and Soil Health to Canada

Cindy Zimmerman

Heliae® Agriculture is pleased to announce the addition of Ron Taylor as Canadian General Manager to lead their regenerative agriculture initiatives expansion in Canada.

Taylor joins Heliae® Agriculture efforts with over 30 years of experience focused on the science and development of products to improve plant health. He brings a broad experience in Canadian crop production with his background spanning the seed industry, crop protection, as well as the biostimulant segment.

With roots in crop production in South West Ontario, Taylor brings a wealth of knowledge from his past experiences at Acadian Seaplants, Syngenta Canada Inc., Engage Agro Corp., BASF Canada Inc., and Monsanto Canada Inc. Taylor has actively supported organizations such as the Canadian Seed Trade Association, Plant Technology Agency, Corn Pest Coalition, and the Agri-Marketing Association. He holds a BA in Physical Geography/Geomorphology from the University of Windsor and professional development trainings from Harvard Businss School, INSEAD Business School, CropLife Canada, and Syngenta.

Taylor says he is looking forward to introducing PhycoTerra® to Canadian agriculture. “Crop production is dependent on the health of soils and the PhycoTerra® product line is proven to help rejuvenate the life of multiple soil types, with higher levels and diversity of microbial activity, resulting in healthier plants and improved production.”

For more information on PhycoTerra® and how it is driving regenerative agriculture forward, visit PhycoTerra.com.

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