GrainBridge Introduces STRATUM Platform

Carrie Muehling

A small Omaha-based tech company aims to change the future of farming with a new grain marketing platform called STRATUM, which will connect farmers and grain buyers and provide analytics and decisions for farmers to sell their grain at the best price.

“The technology itself will be very easy to use and very seamless,” said Faith Larson, chief strategy officer of GrainBridge. “We want to eliminate any manual entry for the farmer because we know that timing is crucial and so we will have connectivity with data that the farmer is using on the farm.”

Larson described a “one stop shop” where farmers can access any grain buyers, elevators or agribusiness accounts. They can view cash bids for elevators they have connected with, as well as contracts, location information, scale tickets and wait times. They can connect with other agribusiness accounts to further understand input costs, productivity, yield expectations and look at break even or profitability targets.

The first version will be released early in 2020 and farmers can sign up for an account free of charge. More information is available at

Listen to the interview with Faith here: Interview with Faith Larson, GrainBridge

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