Get the ZimmComm Golden Mic Audio Podcast

Chuck Zimmerman

If you want to get your fill of all the Golden ZimmComm Microphone has to offer then the pioneers of farm podcasting have you covered.

The ZimmComm Team conducts thousands of interviews during the year and records much more to offer via our AgNewsWire service and also in story posts on AgWired. To make it easier for agricultural communicators and other influencers to bring this resource right into their computer or favorite mobile device we have created a podcast for you. It is already available in iTunes and will be in Google Play and other podcast directories shortly.

So, if you missed an important press conference that we recorded, or if you know we interviewed someone important to you on a topic of interest then just subscribe and bring it to where you can listen when and where you want! Of course, that’s the beauty of podcasting. Always has been.

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