Woodruff is just Woodruff

Chuck Zimmerman

The company formerly known as Woodruff Sweitzer is now Woodruff. The agency is celebrating its 25th anniversary and has announced a new name and ownership structure. The company is changing its name to Woodruff effective immediately and will soon become employee owned. Read from the release below about changes in Canada too.

“Twenty-five years ago with the support of my friends and family, I was fortunate to establish a company that did things differently in marketing and communications,” says Terry Woodruff, founder, president and chief executive officer, Woodruff. “This entrepreneurial mindset has always been the lifeblood of our company, pushing us to take risks, be bold and challenge the status quo to drive extraordinary outcomes for our clients. Today is exciting, because we’re ensuring that spirit continues for decades to come.”

Employee Ownership
Woodruff’s success has always stemmed from its employees, including their passion for what they do; knowledge of their craft and the industries they serve; and their commitment to delivering above and beyond for clients. By becoming employee owners, Woodruff team members are encouraged and free to take the same risks that established the company in 1992.

“It’s not just giving our employees a sense of ownership,” says Woodruff. “It’s literally giving them ownership. Everyone will have the opportunity to participate in our new employee stock ownership program and be able to share in the success they helped generate.”

Woodruff and WS
As part of the employee ownership shift, Woodruff Sweitzer Canada will be evolving as well, operating as a sister agency to U.S.-based Woodruff rather than an affiliated office. The agency, which will also have a new name – WS – will continue to work closely with Woodruff.

“Woodruff and WS share the same legacy, maintain the same philosophies, and will continue to work in partnership with clients (both existing and potential) to ensure seamless operations across borders,” says Jeff Groeneveld, president, WS.