2021 AgDay

Presidential Ag Day Declaration

Cindy Zimmerman

President Trump’s special assistant for agriculture, trade and food had a special message for National Ag Day today.

“One of the first things this administration has gotten done is something you have not seen in at least 16 years,” said Ray Starling during the Ag Day morning celebration at the National Press Club. “I’m pleased to announce that President Trump will sign a proclamation declaring today National Ag Day.”

Starling says they checked a number of sources to confirm that no president has declared National Ag Day in over 16 years, although it has been declared so by the secretary of agriculture and others, and he read the proclamation to attendees.

Starling, who grew up on a farm in North Carolina, talked about the need to “brag about ag” and some of the Trump administration priorities related to agriculture. Listen here: Remarks from Ray Starling, special assistant to President Trump

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