Tribute to Don Norton

Chuck Zimmerman

I have a lot of great photos of Don Norton. I decided that I couldn’t do better than this montage from Christy Lee Couch’s FB page. Don passed away this week and he is going to be sorely missed by not only his family but so many people in our industry. I’ve had so many great conversations with Don over the years that I can tell you I will miss him.

Christy really said what well what I and many others feel on her Facebook Post. Here’s part of what she wrote:

When he asked how you were doing? He truly meant it. I have met few people who take such a genuine interest in the lives of their friends. And I promise, you’ll never meet a man who was more proud of his family — you just knew he loved them as no other.

There will never be an Agricultural Media Summit that is the same, without that greeting and big hug from Don at the airport.

Here’s a link to another tribute with a great photo of Don from the Livestock Publications Council FB page.