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Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast 532As we start a new year I think everyone can use some inspiration to tackle all that life throw’s at us. This week’s ZimmCast might just provide you with what you need. I visited with Amberley Snyder by phone yesterday and am sharing her story for you.

Amberley’s lifelong passion is rodeo, especially barrel racing and breakaway roping. However, almost seven years ago she was involved in a rollover accident with her truck and wound up in surgery for a broken back and spinal cord injury. The accident left her with no feeling below her waist. As you can see in the photo, Amberley needs a wheelchair. But as you can also see, she has her horse and has overcome this tragic accident to begin riding and racing. You can read her full story on her website.

Amberley’s story is simply titled, “Get Back on the Horse.” Not only did she do that but she is back in rodeo competition and available for public speaking to inspire others to overcome obstacles in their lives. Her story has special meaning to me since my oldest daughter was involved in a rollover accident as a teen which left her paralyzed too. She has never been depressed and lives and works very independently. These young women will probably never even know how much their approach to a tragedy has inspired and helped others but I am sure there are a lot of people who have been touched in a positive way from their stories.

I hope you’ll enjoy listening to Amberley’s story in this week’s program here: ZimmCast with Amberley Snyder

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