Propane Performs on the Farm

Joanna Schroeder

A lot of growers are making the switch to propane and saving money, according to Cinch Munson with the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) who attended the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB) Trade Talk. Munson said there is a lot happening in the world of propane and much of it is in the engine markets including irrigation. Speaking of farms, there have been good efficiency improvements across a lot of equipment including some new grain dryers.

nafb-16-percAnother topic that PERC was discussing with media was incentives available for farm equipment. “The Propane Council is offering incentives towards the purchase of qualifying equipment,” said Munch. “The program in 2017 is going to change a little bit…If you are interested in buying a generator for prime power or a new building heat system for a greenhouse or swine building or poultry building or buying a new propane irrigation engine, we’re encouraging people to use the incentive in 2016 while it’s there.”

Munson said in 2017 growers will need to work through their local dealer to get their incentives. Today the Propane Farm Incentive Program is an open enrollment program so Munson is encouraging people to go to to see what incentives are available and to learn more about the advantages of propane on the farm.

The farm incentive program has just celebrated its fifth anniversary and Munson said the program has helped the industry.

“The Propane Farm Incentive Program is ultimately a research program for the propane industry,” Munson explained. He said PERC works with equipment manufacturers to develop propane powered equipment. They then use the farm incentive program to see how the equipment is performing on the field. “Over five years we’ve seen that people are very happy about how propane equipment is operating today. Manufacturers are committed to making equipment that is efficient, clean and reliable and in the field performance is being proven that propane is all those things,” added Munson.

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