ARC Develops New Internship Program

Lizzy Schultz

ARC WebinarThe Agricultural Relations Council (ARC) is creating a unique new collaborative internship program with an ARC member organization for the summer of 2017. ARC will coordinate the internship program and selection under this arrangement, and the member organization collaborating with ARC will host the intern.

The internship will be worth $5,000, with $1,000 of the total $5,000 payment to the intern to be used for the expenses related to the intern’s attendance at the annual professional development meeting of ARC held June 20 through 22 in Sacramento, CA.

The 10-12 week internship will begin in May of 2017. The intern spend 80% of their time on host organization projects. The remaining 20% will be spent supporting and attending the ARC annual meeting.

The application deadline is Dec. 12, and the host organization will be chosen by Dec. 31.

Student applications will open Feb. 1, 2017, and the student will be selected in April. The intern will be chosen by a representative of the host organization, along with a representative of Gardner & Gardner Communications and one board representative. These people will be part of a Futures Committee within ARC.

More information is available here. Click on the Contest and Awards Section at the top of the home page.

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