Get Corny with #CUTC16

Chuck Zimmerman

Corn Utilization Technology ConferenceCorn technology might conjure up many different ideas in your mind. Think ethanol, feed for animals, boiled corn for the table and much more. Follow along this week as I attend the Corn Utilization Technology Conference and we’re going to learn about a lot more than that.

Session topics at the CUTC will cover wet and drying milling technology, traits/breeding/biotechnology, biorefining and uses for starch. There are quite literally many new uses for corn and in fact, that is a topic that will be covered all on its own. My job is to interview researchers working on very complex projects and get them to explain in easy to understand language. I can do it. I’ve done it before.

So follow along on AgWired this week and the hashtag, #CUTC16.

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