Ceva Launches U.S. Swine Division

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast 504Agrimarketing entrepreneurs, you might be interested to learn about how Ceva has come to the launch point for their new U.S. swine division. Instead of just starting a new company and assuming they know what their customers want they’ve taken a couple of years to “listen” as the U.S. CEO, Craig Wallace says.

Craig WallaceI had a great conversation with Craig at their launch reception which was held at Destrehan Plantation on Friday evening. Off the subject for the moment, they served the best fresh shucked oysters I’ve eaten! Hey, it’s food. That’s important to a foodie.

Back to Ceva U.S. Swine. Craig says it is one of Ceva’s missions to provide high quality, low cost protein to the world. Launching the U.S. Swine Division is a dream of the organization since this is the largest swine market in the world.

When it comes to where Ceva is in terms of establishing their new unit Craig says, “We’re at the very beginning. We are starting from zero.” He says they began by having conversations with people in the industry several years ago now. He says that besides bringing innovative products to the market Ceva wants to just listen to the producer and to the veterinarian to find out what the want and need. He’s also putting together a team for the U.S. market and looking for the best of the best.

Listen to this week’s ZimmCast here and learn more: Ceva U.S. Swine Division Launch

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