Elanco ‘HATCHes’ Egg Plan to Fight Hunger

John Davis

hatch1aElanco has teamed up with the Kroger Co.’s Central Division, Rose Acre Farms, Gleaners Food Bank and Midwest Food Bank to help fight hunger by providing eggs to undernourished people of all ages. This company news release says HATCH is an innovative partnership of community leaders, government officials, association representatives and food shoppers that will provide one egg to a local food bank for each dozen Kroger-brand medium eggs purchased at 66 central Indiana Kroger stores through June 20.

“Fighting hunger and undernourishment through sustainable, local partnerships is a priority for Elanco, and is at the very heart of the HATCH initiative,” said Jeff Simmons, president of Elanco, the company that developed HATCH. “We believe HATCH will become a model for how communities can come together to create food security. That’s why we are thrilled to partner with Kroger, Rose Acre Farms and Central Indiana food banks to bring this first HATCH project to life.”

Undernourishment is a worldwide problem that affects people’s health, and how they remember, solve problems and make decisions. In the United States, one in five people do not have access to enough protein and other nutrients to meet their body’s needs. Indiana faces a similar challenge, with undernourishment affecting children, senior citizens and their families.

“Hunger is a daily reality for too many neighbors in the local communities Kroger serves,” said Jeff Burt, president of the Kroger Central Division. “Programs like our Perishable Donation Partnership® — and now HATCH — are important ways we help families put nutritious food on their plates every day. HATCH will allow us to focus the generosity of Kroger customers and associates on providing critically needed protein. Kroger has been fighting hunger for 132 years. It’s time to take that fight to the next level and HATCH will do that. Simply by buying a dozen medium eggs, we can ensure our neighbors in need benefit from the nutrients eggs provide.”

The project starts off with 2,880 dozen eggs from Elanco, Rose Acre Farms and Kroger.

For more information is available at HATCHforHunger.com or through social media – #HATCHforHunger.

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