Are You Brandstorming

Chuck Zimmerman

eg RadioHave you ever had a brainstorming session? How about Brandstorming? That’s the title of EG Integrated’s second eg Radio podcast episode.

Episode 2 hears discussion of the “myth” of brainstorming, earning customer brand loyalty, and a brief chat about public relations branding disasters.

Here’s what EG Integrated is about:

Our story began with two brothers, Bill and Tom Ervin. Both veterans in the advertising industry, each wanted to offer clients more value. The result: EG Integrated. Combining talents, experience and goals, they created a full-service agency focused on brand development, strategic marketing, digital marketing and public relations.

Practical thinking meets creative ingenuity. Our approach is a balance of strategy and creativity. We’re genuine. Reliable. And determined to yield greater results for our clients.

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