Typo Keyboard for iPhone 5/S – AgNerds Rejoice

Chuck Zimmerman

Typo Keyboard for iPhone 5My agnerd order has been placed for a Typo Keyboard for my iPhone 5S. I am eagerly waiting for it. Why? Because I like typing on real keys. I’ve become “better” at typing on the virtual keyboard but . . .

Typo has apparently pissed off Blackberry though. For some reason they think they “own” the physical keyboard. Last week a judge ordered a preliminary injunction to restrict sales of Typo keyboards but they are still for sale ($99).

I’ll write a review of the device after I have a chance to use.

Here is what the claims are:

Type Faster w/Less Typos – Users report typing 50% faster and with less Typos – Touch keyboard brings back 40% more screen space for typing

Full Backlit Keyboard – Backlit Keyboard for typing in low light environments

Battery Indicator – See how much battery you have at any time

Quick Currency Keys Access – Quick access to all your most necessary currency keys

TYPO smart Typing – Custom TYPO Smart Auto-Correct Enabled

You can order one here.

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