Breaking ZimmGlass News

Chuck Zimmerman

New ZimmGlass FramesI just got my new ZimmGlass frames with my prescription lenses installed! That’s news! These give me my full trifocal prescription, allow me to read the Glass screen and are transitions to boot. No need to worry about being out in the sun and wondering what to do. The old frames I had did have clip in sunglass lenses though.

This frame is very comfortable and I can see wearing these for extended periods of time when needed. I’ve already worn them inside and out and they transition very quickly. They also don’t have quite as much agnerdiness to them.

You can bet I’ll have these on during some upcoming shows and field days. Probably also on a beach bike ride, fishing trip, hunting trip, etc.

BTW. You’ve no doubt heard about some places not allowing Google Glass but have you heard about places trying to attract Glass wearers? It’s true. This hotel has their own pairs of Glass and are offering guests Glass Packages! I don’t think I’ve seen more pre-release publicity for a product since the iPhone was introduced.

Do you think these will be game changers in the mobile communications sector? Would you wear them?

Look for another exciting announcement about ZimmGlass coming up soon.

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