TekWear Takes 3rd in Ag Tech Accelerator Program

Cindy Zimmerman

Innovative wearable technology company TekWear, LLC, finished third among 10 finalists at VilCap USA: Agriculture 2014, an entrepreneurial funding program. TekWear was chosen from more than 60 other start-up companies to take part in the three-month program devoted to finding, developing or marketing innovative products and services that provide solutions to agricultural and food production challenges. “We were thrilled to …

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What’s Going on with ZimmGlass

Chuck Zimmerman

With the recent surprising announcement from Google regarding their Glass project I thought it was an appropriate time to write an update on my own ZimmGlass Project. What did Google announce? Here’s the message those of us in the Glass Explorers program received: It’s been an exciting ride. Since we first met, interest in wearables has exploded and today it’s …

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My Google Glass Update

Chuck Zimmerman

I’ve had an issue crop up with my ZimmGlass that prompted me to write a little more about my use of this demo product. Actually, I’ve got a number of issues. I have found that I primarily use the camera to record video clips, especially those at a trade show or some kind of product demo. The video is acceptable …

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TekWear Collaborates on USDA Grant

Chuck Zimmerman

Congratulations to Bruce Rasa, TekWear, LLC, for obtaining a USDA grant in collaboration with the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Georgia to evaluate the effectiveness of wireless, web-connected technologies for monitoring and growing specialty crops such as pecans. In the photo Dr. Lenny Wells, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, University of Georgia, uses Google Glass as …

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Wearable Technology for Agriculture – Google Glass

Chuck Zimmerman

It’s time to get a ZimmGlass update. Actually, this is more of a wearable technology update that includes Google Glass. My guest this week is Bruce Rasa, TekWear, LLC. You might have met Bruce at our booth during the Agri-Marketing Conference or on a program somewhere demonstrating Google Glass. Bruce has been using Glass longer than I have and in …

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Google Glass Intern

Kristin Liska

This past week at the NAMA convention, I was lucky enough to try the infamous Google Glass. Needless to say, I fell in love with it. I am sure for the first ten minutes I looked like an idiot trying to figure it out, but I got the hang of it. While I was wearing them, all I could think …

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NAMA Trade Show Through ZimmGlass

Chuck Zimmerman

Google Glass got a lot of attention during the Connection Point at this year’s Agri-Marketing Conference. Here’s Bruce Rasa, TekWearAg, doing a demo with Karen and Cliff from GROWMARK. Bruce patiently conducted countless demos during his time working with us in the ZimmComm booth. We really appreciate his participation and have enjoyed a great relationship as we work on ideas …

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Seeing New Holland Through ZimmGlass

Chuck Zimmerman

I’m having so much fun with the ZimmGlass Project that it has been well worth the expense to become a Google Explorer to use this new wearable technology during the beta phase prior to public release. News Flash, today only for a limited time the general public can order them. I’m not sure how many they will sell so if …

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ZimmGlass for Agricultural Journalism?

Chuck Zimmerman

The ZimmGlass Project is all about using this new wearable technology to see how it can fit into the work flow of an agricultural journalist. I’ve been using it for this purpose in the field since early January. I’ve published many videos using ZimmGlass (the name for my Glass) that include face to face interviews, in the cab tractor demonstrations …

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Breaking ZimmGlass News

Chuck Zimmerman

I just got my new ZimmGlass frames with my prescription lenses installed! That’s news! These give me my full trifocal prescription, allow me to read the Glass screen and are transitions to boot. No need to worry about being out in the sun and wondering what to do. The old frames I had did have clip in sunglass lenses though. …

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