Canadian Cranberry Time

Chuck Zimmerman

Shergill Cranberry FarmThat cranberry was this big! At least that’s what it looks like Mike Wallis, BC Cranberry Growers Association Mgr., is saying during a presentation at Shergill Cranberry Farm, the second stop for the “farm bikers” tour group during the Canadian Farm Writers’ Federation conference. Also on hand was farm manager Bob Deroche. They talked to us about the farm and answered questions before we walked out onto the bog area that was not yet flooded.

If you’d like to learn more about Canadian cranberry production you’ll enjoy listening to their presentation. I tasted a few in the field. At that time they looked pretty ripe and tasted very tart. First up in the presentation is Mike and Bob chimes in during the Q&A.

You can listen to the presentation here: Shergill Cranberry Farm

2013 Canadian Farm Writers’ Federation Photo Album

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