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site_logoThe agricultural biotechnology companies that develop genetically modified seeds (GMO) are coming together to launch a broad, new initiative to provide accurate information and answer the toughest questions about GMOs and how our food is grown. GMO Answers is a new conversation, public Q&A, and central online resource for information on GMOs, their background, use in agriculture, and research and data in one easy-to-access public resource for the first time.

As the public discussion on GMOs continues, the scientists who develop biotech seeds along with farmers who grow them want to make information about GMOs easier to find and understand.

GMO Answers is produced by the members of The Council for Biotechnology Information, which includes BASF, Bayer CropScience, Dow AgroSciences LLC, DuPont, Monsanto Company and Syngenta. Together, their commitment to openness and access to information is outlined in the GMO Answers five core principles.

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  1. Big-T

    As if I would believe anything that was written under Monsanto’s supervision . Poisoning our children a little at a time !

  2. Rosech

    Strange. For 3 years I reviewed, studied and preached about GMO/GME and the information and studies were out there and readily available. Upshot: Shoot down GMO/GME goods, foods, seeds, and anything else they have tried to poison for everyone on the planet. They kill, deform, and ruin the entire body. It is as simple as that and no matter they are spending millions (maybe by now billions) to tell you no harm done or is being done. Reminds me of Agent Orange all over again. We have poisoned foods, weeds that don’t and won’t die, and they want to convince you how wrong we are and how right they are? Hubris is all we get these days and I am waiting their downfall! We have and must have this poison on every label and not just a few!

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