LMA Makes Moves Towards Future

Jamie Johansen

lma-13-harrisMontgomery, Alabama opened it’s door last week to attendees of the 2013 World Livestock Auctioneer Championship. Members from the Livestock Marketing Association (LMA) came together from around the world to discuss policies, gather information on industry issues and of course take in the competition.

Maybe one of the most important things to take place during the event was the board of directors and membership meeting. LMA is led by its members from the ground up. During this session attendees heard reports on industry and service issues, discussed committee recommendations and developed association policy.

Chuck caught up with Dan Harris, Vice President of LMA from Holton, KS about hot topics discussed and what the future holds for the organization. “We will continure to work on the animal handling situation and animal welfare here in the United States. We are going to contract with a third auditor and stay on top of this situation.”

Dan also talked about the use of technology in livestock marketing auctions and how they are looking into how auctions can advance themselves to stay connected with the ever-changing world of agriculture.

“What LMA is here for is to protect the local auction markets and protect the auction method of selling livestock in a competitive setting and gain the maxium amount of money for our producers.”

You can listen to Chuck’s interview with Dan here: Interview with Dan Harris

Here you can find photos from the event: 2013 LMA/WLAC Photo Album

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