Protecting Your Crop Yield Potential

Chuck Zimmerman

Monsanto Roundup Ready PlusMonsanto is suggesting that farmers get proactive with early-season weed control as we near the 2013 season.

As farmers head into 2013, it’s never too soon to plan for spring planting. That’s why Monsanto is encouraging planned, proactive steps to prevent and manage resistant and tough-to-control weeds. That means putting down residual herbicides, according to Chris Reat, Monsanto marketing manager.

“A farmer has to have residual herbicides and overlapping modes of action with residuals for weed control in today’s cropping systems,” says Reat. “Weed competition at planting can make it more difficult to get a crop established. Additionally, weeds damaged by the planter are often harder to kill with later herbicide applications. With proper planning and a proactive management approach using residual herbicides, farmers can achieve effective, economical weed control throughout the season.”

Using residual herbicides in combination with Roundup® agricultural herbicides provides multiple modes of action to help reduce the risk of resistant weeds developing. Research shows that soybean farmers can realize a two- to three-bushel-per-acre greater yield advantage when weed management programs include the use of residual herbicides.

“Ultimately, when you apply residual herbicides in front of soybeans, you take care of a lot of problems before they come out of the ground. Being proactive in this way is the most impactful value that Roundup Ready PLUS™ Weed Management Solutions provides,” explains Reat.

These and other weed management recommendations are part of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready PLUS Weed Management Solutions. Roundup Ready PLUS offers integrated and diverse management practices for weeds developed in conjunction with leading academics, agronomists and other industry partners for control of all your weeds, including tough-to-manage and glyphosate-resistant weeds. Roundup Ready PLUS also offers financial incentives to help farmers offset the cost of qualifying residual herbicides and other weed management resources.

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