Beef Producers Unite for Alltech’s Global 500

Jamie Johansen

It is just a week before Alltech’s 5th Annual Global 500 kicks off. Dairy and beef leaders from across the world will come together to share ideas and educate themselves on new and cutting edge technologies.

They are expecting over 500 beef producers to attend this year’s event. Steve Van Dyke, cow/calf producer from South Dakota, attended his first Global 500 last year and can’t wait to attend again.

“The Global 500 was different from other beef events I’ve attended because it offers a worldwide perspective on beef production, beef sustainability and beef quality improvement,” said Van Dyke. “Alltech’s Global 500 provides information to people in all phases of beef production, but always in an insightful way.”

“The food animal industry is changing rapidly, both in the US and globally,” Van Dyke added. “At Global 500, we were challenged to look at things from a new perspective. The lessons I learned at Global 500 made me a better manager, producer, and steward of the industry I love.”

This year’s agenda seeks to once again offer some insight on topics such as branding beef, social media, employee training, decreasing carbon footprints and mycotoxins as well as many presentations that will address the core theme for the event, the EPS Principle: Efficiency, Profitability and Sustainability.

I am excited to attend this years event and during the National Association of Farm Broadcasting’s (NAFB) Trade Talk I had a chance to talk with David Butler, Web Marketing Manager for Alltech. He offered insite to the upcoming event and shared what hot topics will be discussed. Check my interview with David here.

Also during NAFB I spoke with Ann Kopecky, Alltech’s North America Field PR Coordinator, about Alltech’s recent launch of their 37+ Program. This new mass spectrometry technique investigates 38 different mycotoxins allowing for a broader analytical approach into the contamination.

Listen to my interview with Ann here: Ann Kopecky - Alltech

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