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Jamie Johansen

Pork Checkoff dollars were hard at work during the National Association of Farm Broadcasting’s Trade Talk. I met up with Conley Nelson, President of the National Pork Board, and he expressed his concern with the rising cost of feed and other impacts to the pork industry due to the drought. But more importantly he shared how the National Pork Board is using checkoff dollars towards international and domestic marketing efforts promoting the other white meat.

“One of our biggest items we put checkoff dollars to is domestic marketing of pork. About a year and a half or two years ago we launched a new pork ‘Be Inspired’ ad campaign. That campaign was targeted towards consumers that already like pork and we just want to get them to eat pork two or three more times a month. What’s cool about these people is they are the consumer that enjoys life and likes to entertain and they love pork.”

‘We Care’ is very important. It’s sort of the foundation of what we expect out of all our pork producers. It starts with Pork Quality Assurance training we provide for all producers and their employees. We also have a Pork Quality Assurance site assessment where we come in with a 3rd party and assess the sites. We try and hit all those food safety factors, environmental and animal care, which is a big one. We strongly believe the pork producer is the best person to know how to care for the animals and we want to make sure that choice remains with the pork producer.”

Listen to my complete interview with Conley here: Conley Nelson - National Pork Board

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