GROWMARK Cookbook Helps Feed the World

Cindy Zimmerman

GROWMARK cooked up a great way to help farmers feed the world this year by compiling a cookbook filled with recipes contributed by GROWMARK employees and selling it to raise money for the an important charity.

“We wanted to do something special this year to promote the International Year of Cooperatives and GROWMARK’s 85th anniversary,” said Karen Jones, GROWMARK’s Publications and News Specialist, who explained that they came up with the idea for the cookbook as a way to allow everyone in the system to participate. “We decided it would be really neat if we could sponsor a charity with the proceeds from the cookbook and we decided on Farmers Feeding the World.

There are over 1100 recipes in the cookbook, which was sold for $20 each. “We are going to be making a donation of $1500 to Farmers Feeding the World in the next few weeks,” Karen said. “The organizations that Farmers Feeding the World helps out are organizations that we really believe it.”

Karen says there are no plans at the moment to do a second printing of the sold out cookbook, but the recipes are being made available through social media. “On our FS Pintrest boards, we do have a recipe board and we are posting recipes on there occasionally, so even if you didn’t get a chance to buy a book you can still get a few of the best recipes that way,” she said. To find those recipes, go to

Listen to my interview with Karen here: GROWMARK's Karen Jones

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