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The U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance held a press conference to allow questions from reporters about the annual meeting that took place in New York and the Food Dialogues that was conducted yesterday. It was the third Food Dialogues and is available on the Food Dialogues website to watch if you missed it.

I moderated our press conference this morning with Bob Stallman, AFBF, who was re-elected as Chairman of USFRA and newly elected Vice Chairman, Weldon Wynn, CBB. Bob reviewed the activities of the last couple days and Weldon read the announcement of the finalists in the Faces of Farming and Ranching program.

If you missed the press conference I have it available for you to listen to or download: USFRA Press Conference

All media and well, just anyone, is free to use my photos and share: 2012 USFRA Annual Mtg. & Food Dialogues Photo Album

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  1. Sandra Berry

    Consumers Union commented that cost difference between meat with or without antibiotics was 10%? How about the producer cost difference when he does not use antibiotics? A death of a production animal is 100% loss for them! Instead of eradicating antibiotics, we need to educate the public that cattle do get sick, they need to be treated to be humane, and that we will continue to insure that treated animals will have the proper wait time to enter the food supply.
    I think we also need to educate the population that if we do not support the American Agiculture producer, that we will be at the mercy of importing our food supply from other countries where we cannot control their regulations on production. How secure is a country that cannot feed itself? I am glad people are concerned what they eat but unless they are ready to take the daily risks in food production, they need to leave it to the experts. In other words, to put it plainly, we do not tell them how to build the cars, build our houses, manage TV stations…What other industry can be regulated by people that do not know a thing about the daily operations? We have a lot of activists against us and maybe they need to think what would happen if the American Ag Producer was regulated out of business? Where would their food come from then? I can live without a house, a car, and a TV…can they live without food?

  2. Karen

    I disagree profusely. Good and sound Husbandry – that uses the practice of smaller heards – do indeed raise healthier herds. So little sickness issues arise – thus resulting in far, far, far, far, less antibiotics used as well as we would not even be in this mess with GMOs if the devil did not convince farmers their way was gonna be ‘The way”. IMO. Because as we see, “their way’ was indeed not the right way all.
    I believe history will show this and prove it.

  3. Debbie Walton

    You go girl. I’m married to a farmer, we didn’t get any free land frome our families. We are paying our land payments & sprinkler pyments. We sell our wheat as seed, and if we have to go & buy seed it’s more than what we make. We don’t have JD tractors & combines, can’t afford them. But we have 2 1680’s International combines . People are crying they are so broke, look at what they are driving & buying new tractors, combines & new houses. Don’t live beyond your dreams. Cause I don’t want to here you wining!

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