Final Panel Thoughts from USFRA Food Dialogues

Chuck Zimmerman

Here are the panelists from the last session of today’s New York Food Dialogues. Wow. It was a long day of very interesting discussion. This panel’s topic was Biotechnology (GMO’s) and Your Food. There were some very real contrasts in what some of the panelists as well as the audience thought of various specifics. In my opinion we got a lot of very good information presented. In fact, as good a presentation about the truth about GMO’s as I’ve heard.

After the session I spoke with one of the panelists, Greg Jaffe, director of biotechnology, Center for Science in the Public Interest. Greg says there is a lot of misinformation on the topic of his session. That was clear from questions from the audience and from Twitter. He says this discussion is a good “first step.” He believes that even the panelists learned from each other.

You can listen to my interview with Greg here: Interview with Greg Jaffe

Our moderator for today’s Food Dialogues was Ali Velshi, CNN chief business correspondent. Ali did a fantastic job of keeping the conversation moving and getting all the panelists engaged.

Ali thought the event today was remarkable. In his work he deals with commodities and the impact of things like drought but not with the detail that was delved into today. He says it was great to get that detail today and to hear from the farmers who attended. I hope you’ll enjoy some of his thoughts after moderating today.

You can listen to my interview with Ali here: Interview with Ali Velshi

All media and well, just anyone, is free to use my photos and share: 2012 USFRA Annual Mtg. & Food Dialogues Photo Album

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