Flavor Infused Cottonseed Oil From Alcala Farms

Chuck Zimmerman

Pure cottonseed oil from Alcala Farms. It’s what I’ll be cooking with. Here’s why: “Silky-clear, lightweight body and flavor-neutral palate. Pure Cottonseed Oil is the perfect base for salad oils, marinades, sauces, frying, stir-frying, searing and sauteing.” It’s the original vegetable oil. Bet you didn’t know that CRISCO stands for Crystallized Cottonseed Oil. I didn’t either until I got to sample some Alcala Farms products at World Dairy Expo. Or did you know that the original Wesson Oil was made from cottonseed oil? Interesting eh? I’ve got a bottle of the Cilantro to try and looking forward to it.

This new cottonseed oil product comes out of a cotton sustainability project that was implemented by New Mexico State University with funding from Cotton Incorporated. Also involved was the Oregon State University Food Inno-vation Center.

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