FMC Shows Potential of Anthem in Field Plot Tour

John Davis

FMC officials are hoping to have EPA approval of their new herbicide Anthem by this fall. In the meantime, this summer they launched a series of plot tours across the Midwest to show off the new product. Chuck caught up with the Anthem Field Plot Tour as it made its swing through Ames, Iowa and spoke with Rick Ekins, FMC Product Manager, who said they wee really able to show the flexibility of Anthem in pre-emergence to later post-emergence treatments.

“The way these trials were set up was really designed to show pre-emerged grass control and pre-emerged broadleaf control, the spectrum of control, as well as residual control you get out of Anthem,” he said. Ekins continued that compared to some competitors, Anthem did have bigger spectrum of control and longer residual out of the low-water soluable product. He also said that Anthem is really showing its worth in water hemp control. “[All herbicides] have to have grass control. But where we’re starting to see separation from Anthem is the water hemp control, whether it’s resistant or non-resistant.” Plus, he said Anthem is showing some great control against lambsquarter, velvet leaf, and even morning glory.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Rick here: Interview with Rick Ekins, FMC Product Manager

You can find photos from the event here: FMC Anthem Field Plot Tour Photos

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