Modern Luxuries

Melissa Sandfort

Here I go again, thinking about the past and appreciating (to the utmost extent these days, appreciating and LOVING the A/C) the modern luxuries that we have. Our second child is expected to come along here in about four short weeks and with the weather in southeast Nebraska, I will be the first to admit that I’ve become accustomed to being inside the majority of the day and doing my gardening when the trees shade over my raised beds. I guess I’ve developed pretty thin skin.

Also having lived in the city for 15 years, driving 45 minutes one way to get to a volleyball game was no big deal. Living where we live now, I have to drive at least an hour to the nearest “big” grocery store and again, it’s just part of loving the life and place where you live.

With child #2 on my mind, I also think about car seat safety and proper installation, then remember stories I’ve heard of children “back in the day” riding in the car in a shoebox on the floorboard. Or another story: My husband has a ’69 truck and my mother asked if we buckled our son in the other night when we went for a drive. My answer? No…it doesn’t even come with seat belts!

Where am I going with all of this? In the town my grandfather was raised, a trip to Lincoln was an all-day excursion on dirt roads at 30 mph tops and it took 2 ½ hours just to get there (it was only 75 miles away!).

Listen to my grandfather’s AgWalk as he recalls a certain “experience” he had in the Model T. Listen to Grandpa explain

I think I’ll go check the car seat handbook now.

Until we walk again …