BASF Survey Confirms Glyphosate Resistance

Cindy Zimmerman

Farmers are responding to the threat of glyphosate resistance, according to results from a recent national BASF survey.

BASFThe survey found that about four out of five farmers plan to alter their weed control programs in 2012 due to resistance issues.

More than 50 percent of farmers surveyed acknowledged the existence of glyphosate-resistant weeds in their fields, and many of them blamed resistance for hurting their yields. In addition, even farmers who have not seen glyphosate resistance in their fields said they would make changes to their weed control programs.

BASF Technical Market Manager Dr. Dan Westberg found the results encouraging. “It indicates that farmers understand that today’s weed control challenges demand the use of a more comprehensive management approach,” he said. “For a long time, farmers relied almost solely on glyphosate to control their weed problems, but those days are over. The repeated use of a single chemistry is the number one reason many have developed resistant weed populations.”

A majority of survey respondents acknowledged the need to do more, with more than 80 percent saying they would be willing to invest additional dollars to control resistant weeds.

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