Cattlemen Want Livestock Out of Farm Bill

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As Congress considers a 2012 Farm Bill, the top priority for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is to eliminate the livestock title, according to NCBA Executive Director of Legislative Affairs Kristina Butts.

“The livestock title was new to the farm bill in 2008 and it brought us things like Country-of-Origin-Labeling, a national animal ID system and the GIPSA proposed rule that we’ve been working on for the last few years,” Kristina said during the NCBA Policy Division meeting at the Cattle Industry Convention this week. “Our membership felt pretty strongly that this portion should be removed entirely from the farm bill.” After discussions with agriculture committee leadership, Kristina says they do feel pretty confident that will be accomplished.

At the same time, Kristina says NCBA is advocating a strong conservation title with adequate funding.

Listen to or download Kristina’s update here: Kristina Butts - NCBA Legislative Affairs

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  1. Tom

    What is wrong with Country of Origin Labeling? Is there something to hide? Are U.S producers scared to have their country on the label?

    These are not cattlemen worries. They are meat packer worries because they want to label anything any way they want. Why is the NCBA representing the meat packers at the expense of U.S. cattlemen or other meats production? If you are not proud enough to stand behind your country and can not support your country’s brand, maybe you shouldn’t be selling in that country in a stealth manner.

    Cattlemen are the best conservationists WHEN THEY HAVE THE MONEY AND RESOURCES. This money should come from the market, not the taxpayers. The cattle industry should gain enough money out of the sales of their cattle to pay for these kind of costs, not beg the taxpayer to fund items like this.


    It seems every step they make is not geared towards the market or U.S. cattlemen, but for meat packer interests. Perhaps the NCBA should be a little more forthcoming in their name and change it to Meat Packers Association of Global Corporate Interests (MPAGI).


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