Real Farmers Real Food

Chuck Zimmerman

The Animal Agriculture Alliance, a member of the Alliance to Feed the Future, is kicking off a new initiative called, “Real Farmers Real Food.” The initiative has special support from 2011 Miss America Teresa Scanlan. See her video below and feel free to share out links via your networks!

Want to tour a farm but too busy to travel? Check out the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s collection of farm tours on the Real Farmers Real Food website and see how farms across America produce safe, nutritious and affordable food.

The average American is now at least three generations removed from the farm and most of us are dependent on grocery stores to supply almost all of our food needs. This disconnect has led to many misconceptions about today’s farms. Too often, the public hears more from agriculture critics than from the people directly connected to it. The Animal Agriculture Alliance asks you to show your support for America’s real farmers and ranchers – large and small – who work every day to make our American-grown safe, nutritious and affordable food supply a reality. As the need for food production increases, the work of farmers and ranchers should be celebrated—today and every day. Farming is a business, but it is much more than that. It is a calling that forms the bedrock of our economy and society. Stand up for consumer choice. Stand up for the American farmer and rancher. Show your support by signing the below pledge.

“I sign this pledge to show support for the dedicated, hard-working farmers and ranchers of America – large and small – who provide a safe, nutritious, and affordable food supply for me and my family. I understand and respect the importance of both protecting our food security and ensuring consumer choice for future generations.”

You will find the pledge here.

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