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Shining Boots at Cattle Industry Summer Conference

Chuck Zimmerman

A cattle industry conference of any kind is a great place for a shoeshine expert to find work. Lisa Crawford, Solefully Yours, loves her cowboys and has been shining shoes and boots for 30 years! Lisa took care of my shoes earlier this morning. I think the last time I saw Lisa was at a Missouri Cattlemen’s convention. She does get around.

Lisa started working for a company before starting her own later in her career. When she had a chance to work at a trade show she moved into that niche and has been doing it ever since. Usually she is working at a convention for a sponsor. Here at the Cattle Industry Summer Conference her sponsor is Roto-Mix. You can find her set up in the lobby in front of registration.

You can listen to my interview with Lisa here. Lisa Crawford Interview

2011 Cattle Industry Summer Conference Photo Album

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