Wyffels Corn Strategies Kicks Off In Iowa

Chuck Zimmerman

Last week Cindy attended the Wyffels Hybrids 2011 Corn Strategies in Illinois. This week it’s my turn in Malcom, Iowa. I think she got a better sunset picture than I did. I got done with some interviews in time to notice that the sun was going down since we were in an air conditioned tent. There are some photos in the photo album you’ll find a link to below that I took after climbing to the top of the grain bin in this photo. Let me tell you it was still hot up there!

Welcoming us tonight to the Cummings Farm was Adam Ploog, Wyffels Hybrids, regional manager. I spoke with him about crop conditions in this area. Adam says things look pretty good in the eastern part of Iowa but they could use a little rain and with the heat index so high there is some uncertainty about the effect that it will have. He says the idea behind the program here is to provide some of their most progressive customers from all over the state with information they can take home that will bring value to their operation. He says “We’re a very, very customer focused business. We’re not the biggest seed corn company in the business. We know that, but we feel like we have products that are just as good as anybody else’s and we’re more customer focused than our competitors.”

You can listen to my interview with Adam here: Adam Ploog Interview

Our program kicks off bright and early tomorrow and I’ll be here all day collecting more interviews and photos for you. Here’s where you can find my photos: Wyffels Hybrids Corn Strategies 2011 Iowa Photo Album

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