World Ag Investment Conference Adds Passport Capital Speaker

Chuck Zimmerman

Here’s a last announcement about the May 9-10, World Agriculture Investment Conference. Leading investment groups from across the globe will be at the conference to discuss the opportunities and risks in agricultural markets.

The meeting’s foremost speaker panel – addressing a delegation of institutional and private investors – has recently been strengthened by leading investment manager Ejnar Knudsen of Passport Capital.

Mr. Knudsen has a wealth of experience in the field of agriculture investment and is currently responsible for Passport Capital’s investment management and research process for food, agriculture and commodity investments.

Among the timely discussion in Chicago, Mr. Knudsen will share his thoughts on agricultural markets and where to hedge your bets, offering truly unique insight into a complex and often misunderstood market.

What’s more, in build-up to this meeting you can now get free access a keynote presentation from our recent London event – BlackRock’s Richard Davis looks at equities versus commodities and key investment themes in the Agriculture space – please click here for the presentation.

The World Agriculture Investment Conference USA is a unique forum designed specifically to network with key investors, hedge funds and Ag managers, and to effortlessly discover how best to develop the ideal Ag portfolio.

Discounted tickets for Chicago are available until February 25th

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You can find the agenda here.

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