How To Communicate With Farmers

Chuck Zimmerman

Those pesky producers. How do you communicate with them? Isn’t there just one way that reaches all farmers? Not. So to help beginning agrimarketers the morning session at NAMA Boot Camp features a producer panel led by Janelle Buxton, Successful Farming/ (seated on left). Next to her are Colleen Gerke, Lonny Duckworth and Ken McCauley.

I spoke with Ken before we got started. He really likes the opportunity to have this discussion because he would like to have more efficient communication targeted to him. I asked him about media choices and he says that he’s a big magazine guy. Loves to read articles. He also mentions the internet and when it comes to his involvement with organizations like the National Corn Growers Association, he says the internet is an even more important tool to use for member communications. I’m charging his iPhone up right now and you had better believe the AgWired App will be loaded on it before he gets it back. Actually, he asked me to go ahead and load it for him. He said he had been meaning to! Ken McCauley Interview
2010 NAMA Boot Camp Photo Album

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