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Chuck Zimmerman

Curt BladesFormer intern does good. That’s how I describe Curt Blades. Yes, Curt was an intern for me once upon a time. He was also my guide for my day at Successful Farming headquarters and this behind the scenes look at the new We toured the building so I could see the studios and the prop shops for the various publications and programs produced here by Meredith Corporation.

To wrap up my web remote from Curt and I talked about what the newly designed website means to advertisers. All of us in the media know how important they are to our success and Successful Farming has some very interesting opportunities for advertisers now and in the future. Curt says they’ve not only included more traditional advertising options like leader boards but also some creative ideas that don’t make an advertiser rely on click through’s only. There are new units available so the messages can stand alone. Additionally, advertisers have an opportunity to own a section. There are also opportunities for sponsored news. Listen to my interview with Curt to hear how your company can take advantage of the new Curt Blades Interview Public Launch Photo Album

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