Ag Leader Launches Precision Point

Chuck Zimmerman

One of the sponsors of our Precision website is Ag Leader Technology. They have just started their own blog!

To enhance their “closest to the farmer” reputation, Ag Leader Technology, Inc., a leader in the development of precision farming solutions, officially launched social media efforts today with the inaugural post to the new blog Precision Point. Not only can Ag Leader fans interact with the company on their blog, but also on various platforms including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

“The reality is social media is the way people are communicating today. These platforms allow us not only to inform and educate, but to have a conversation with those interested in precision farming technology,” says Dave King, Marketing Manager. “We can connect with Ag Leader customers around the globe, but also others in the ag industry as well as those who know nothing about precision agriculture.”

Precision Point, found at, will offer readers a wide variety of topics and precision ag information. The company will share insights into popular questions on getting started in precision technology, trends in the industry as well as international precision ag use.

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