GMO Detection With The Fluidigm System

Chuck Zimmerman

Although many old school environmentalists are now embracing genetically engineered crops, GMO’s continue to be a hot topic and one that impacts agribusiness, especially in the area of international trade. In this installment of our interviews with Fluidigm Corporation you’ll hear how their system can play a key role in assisting companies involved in biotechnology and therefore today’s farmers.

To learn about using the Fluidigm System for GMO detection I spoke with Ramesh Ramakrishna, Director of Molecular Biology. He makes a point that modifying plants and animals genetically is not something new. It has in fact been going on for centuries. However, today’s biotech processes speed things up significantly and it is very important to have measurement tools that provide quick, reliable results. That’s where tools like the Fluidigm System can have a very positive benefit since the system allows for faster measurements and at a significant reduction in cost.

You can watch or listen to my interview with Ramesh below:

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