Picture Gadgets

Chuck Zimmerman

Picture ViewersHello photo enthusiasts.

If you like pictures and especially if you like taking them then you’re probably wondering what to do with all of them in this digital world. So I thought I’d give you a few ideas. Of course you can print them but if you travel around a lot then what? Well, you can keep them on your computer’s hard drive and display them on the monitor. That works. You can get a nice digital picture frame for a shelf.

But what if you’re like me and have 133 GB of photos (over 40,000 and counting)? Kind of fills up your hard drive. So, I’ve been looking into options and decided I wanted some kind of gadget to carry them around with so I can show them to people wherever I am. With all the event photography we do here at ZimmComm, this is really helpful.

I took a picture of 3 different viewer options we have. The top one is my iPod Touch (16GB), the middle one is Cindy’s HP df300a3 digital picture frame (sd card) and the bottom one is my new Archos 5 (250GB) Internet Media Tablet.

I opted to carry my whole photo library around with me. It serves as an extra backup since I’ve got the full files on the device and I can view any photo, anytime. Additionally, this gadget connects to wifi so I can go online with a full brower and it plays video and audio. I’m mainly looking at it as a glorified picture viewer with a lot of other capabilities. With a 250 GB hard drive in it, I won’t be filling up the memory any time soon! It is larger and heavier than the others but still fits in my pocket.

Cindy’s picture frame has a very tiny internal memory but will accept an sd card filled with photos. It’s the smallest and lightest of all of these and very easy to use.

My iPod Touch is also a functional media “tablet” but with 16 GB of memory I can’t fit all my photos on it, even if I scale them down. At least I haven’t tried to. If they would all fit, it would be nice but then I wouldn’t have the originals with me, which is a bonus of the Archos 5.

What are your favorite ways to deal with digital photos?