Getting The Inside Look at Ethanol

Chuck Zimmerman

Ethanol Press ConferenceWe had an inside look at ethanol press conference here at Iowa Speedway this morning. Participating were (l-r), Toni Nuernberg, EPIC, Craig Floss, Iowa Corn Growers Association, Mike Sobetski, LifeLine Foods and Troy Hobbs, Monsanto. They helped answer questions journalists here had about the fuel that’s burning in these IndyCars.

You can see individual posts with each of them on our Domestic Fuel site. But if you’d like to listen in or download the audio for your own use, here’s the links:

You can listen to Toni’s comments here: iowa-08-toni.mp3

Download it here.

You can listen to Craig’s comments here: iowa-08-floss.mp3

Download it here.

You can listen to Mike’s comments here: iowa-08-sobetski.mp3

Download it here.

You can listen to Troy’s comments here: iowa-08-hobbs.mp3

Download it here.

Iowa Corn Indy 250 Photo Album

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