Businessman Perspective on CUTC

Chuck Zimmerman

Sano ShimodaSome of you may be old enough to remember hearing Sano Shimoda, President, BioScience Securities, (standing in center of picture) speak to a NAMA Issues Forum in Washington, DC a number of years ago. I’d link you to it but we didn’t have websites to post on back then. I remember him talking about the exciting future of biotechnology and I think we’ve seen a lot of what he spoke about happen.

I ran into him at lunch today and talked with him about the CUTC we’re both attending. He says the key here is biofuels and I would agree that there’s a lot of focus on that technology. He says the future of agriculture is using technology to enhance value of the major crops and ethanol and biodiesel are taking center stage.

When I asked him what he advises his clients right now he replied that they face a challenge of committing capital resources to business development while being uncertain about how sustainable and economical ethanol will be and if we’ll continue to see high prices for oil. As he says, he’s just a business guy listening to some seriously technical presentations but he says you have to be impressed with the people here from all over the world working to meet the challenges the industry is facing.

Here’s my interview with Sano Shimoda: cutc-08-sano-shimoda.mp3

You can use this link to download the audio file: Listen to MP3 Sano Shimoda Interview (3 minutes)

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